Welcome to the Request Repairs page!

Basic procedural info.

Place Homeowner Waiver pdf file hotlink here with directions to print, fill out, sign and mail. Also link to request a printed version of waiver to be sent to them with return envelope..

HH-P mailing address.

The Request Repairs/ Maintenance Form is below. Directions on how/highlights of filling out the form. Please click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form when you're done. 

If you need help filling out any of the paper work, whether it be the waiver or the repair request form, and would like one of us to call you, click on Please Call Me where you can give us your name, your phone number and a time range we can reach you so that one of us can call you back and we can fill out the forms together over the phone. (You do not need an email address to request a phone call.)

Embed Work Request Form below.