Rebuilding Together 2014
Annual home renovation
Our annual “rite”, a celebratory repair and renovation of a home owned by an income-qualified widow occurred on April 26th
called Rebuilding Together. The house selected for work this time around had significant issues, both internal and external, affecting safety, health and quality of life. A variety of repairs, ranging from the routine (painting) to the challenging (structural issues). were on the “to-do” list.

More than 40 persons volunteered, virtually all of them from the six churches that are represented on the Board of Directors of HHP, Inc. (Poolesville Presbyterian, Our Lady of Presentation, Poolesville Baptist, Poolesville United Methodist, Hosanna House of Worship and St. Peter’s Episcopal.)

Fulfilling the well-known slogan of Rebuilding Together, the HHP crew "under-promised and over-delivered", winning the praise of the owner and the County RT leadership. There are money community events in Poolesville and the surrounding area, few however generate such fellowship, bonding and joy. Financial support came from area churches, the Poolesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Monocacy Lions, Hilton Funeral Home, Chrisler Homes, Fine Earth Landscaping and others.

Other aspects
As the years go by, HHP attains greater visibility in the community. For example, in 2014 it responded to a number of inquiries from residents who asked for help, for themselves or for friends and neighbors. In these cases HHP was not able to remedy any of these situations per se but it was able to act as a resource center in providing other sources of help.

As the organization started the new year the Board of Directors committed the organization to an ambitious project for the fall—a significant renovation of the long-time and now deteriorating headquarters of WUMCO Help (the western county’s emergency assistance charity). 

HHP was in other words at work as a part of the national program.