Rebuilding Together 2012
Having proven itself in a successful completion of a difficult renovation project the preceding year, HHP was entrusted to a perhaps even more challenging assignment -- repairs on two different houses. In this case, two townhouses within Poolesville itself were assigned to HHP, one involving extensive carpentry, plumbing and roofing work (among other things) and the other consisting mostly of outside work -- replacement of a fence, repair of a shed, tree removal, etc.  Once again over 40 people stepped forward to volunteer and once again both the homeowners and the  county RT leadership were highly complimentary about the work performed. Financial support came from all five churches, several non-profits, and one local business.

Closing of Poolesville's Grocery Store
Imagine the hole left when Poolesville's only grocery store, Selby's Market, closed its doors in January! There were, of course, many negative impacts and HHP stepped forward to help deal with one that -- while affecting only a handful of people -- was quite serious for some unfortunate folks. With no other local grocery stores who were people without cars or unable to drive the required distance to nearby stores because of health issues going to obtain food? HHP partnered with Boy Scout Troop 496 to meet this need. They Boy Scouts conducted a door-to-door survey to determine those lacking means of transportation as well as would-be volunteers who could provide riders for the former. When the results were tablulated HHP took the results and by email and telephone calls matched drivers with those needing rides. And HHP has a "pool" of volunteer drivers available should additional persons materialize who need transportation help in purchasing groceries.

3rd Annual WUMCO Work Day
Volunteers completed a variety of clean-up /fix-up tasks on a pleasant Saturday (October 6th). A number of repairs on the exterior of the facility were finished as well as several deficiencies in the interior. As was the case the previous year, a swath of the large side yard that had b een taken over by a dense growth of bushes, shrubs, small trees and vines was cleared, the soil prepared and seeded. The objective is to clear the rest of the veritable mini-jungle in the side yard in 2013.

Organizational progress
In 2012 HHP registered as a non-profit with the state of Maryland and is now officially incorporated. By the end of the year application to the Internal Revenue Service for 501(c)3 status had been filed. The heretofore "steering committee" has been replaced by a Board of Directors, consisting of eight individuals from the five Poolesville churches.

And beyond this ...
It should also be noted the organization serves worthy purposes other than those enumerated here simply by "being". For example, it functions as an important channel of communications on community involvement among the churches and within the larger community; it has already achieved sufficient visibility that it is approached by people and organizations looking for its assistance; members of HHP often volunteer to help other organizations that are taking the lead in dealing with important issues.

Looking Ahead

HHP (officially HHP, Inc.) is still a very young organization but has reason to take pride in what it has accomplished in its short history. As it seeks to broaden its programming and its capacity to respond to community needs, it expects to do so as a 501(c)3 non-profit (application is now ready to be filed with IRS). The leadership of the organization is committed to playing a positive and growing role in fulfilling its mission of "helping those in need, by improving lives, homes and communities."