Rebuilding Together 2011 
Fulfilling the dreams of the two lay persons who had that conversation at McDonald's the previous Spring, representatives from the three churches (now meeting periodically to plan their cooperative work) undertook the organizational work necessary to bring RT back to the Poolesville community.

Local RT projects are organized under the auspices of the Rebuilding Together - Montgomery County non-profit organization, headquartered in Kensington, MD. The county group identifies income-qualified homeowners whose residences have problems that create serious health, safety and quality of life issues beyond the financial capability of the owners to correct. They then look to local groups, such a HHP, to provide the organization and the volunteers to make the necessary repairs and enhancements to the houses that are eventually selected. The local "sponsor" (HHP in this case) also has to raise an established fee (currently $3,000) to qualify. As the project is planned and implemented, the county RT organization provides counseling, expertise and additional funding if the local sponsor's fee is inadequate to cover the costs of repairs and enhancements.

HHP's first RT house was a significant challenge. A old and deteriorating two-story house located four miles outside Poolsville presented a number of issues, including roof replacement, scrapping and repainting the exterior, significant carpentry repairs and yard clean-up and debris removal. In fact, the workload required two workdays and involved more than 40 volunteers, many working both days. 

2nd Annual WUMCO Work Day
The workload was much less than for the preceding year. Nevertheless, the volunteers (by now including volunteers from four churches) accomplished a significant "to-do" list that improved the facility, both inside and out, and in particular expanded the usable area in the yard (extensive brush clearing and grass seeding).

Organizational Progress
Before the end of 2011 the fifth and last of the Poolesville churches joined forces with their sister congregations. The HHP steering committe continued to meet, not only to plan their work projects but also to develop a vision of the role of HHP beyond the tasks undertaken to that point (more on that below). After many discussions it had adopted a mission statement, the key sentence of which reads: "HHP is a Christian volunteer organization whose members are called to help those in need by improving lives, homes and communities."