In the Spring of 2010 two lay persons from different churches, both active in the community, huddled over a cup of coffee at McDonald's in Poolesville and discussed their mutual frustration that no one had stepped forward to organize a Rebuilding Together project in the Poolesville area for that year -- even though RT had been an annual event for almost every year during the preceding decade. Though it was too late to participate in the county-wide RT program that year, they vowed to do whatever was required to resurrect the program for 2011. (Rebuilding Together is a nation-wide program to assist low-income homeowners to repair and improve homes that are in such disrepair so as to present serious quality of life, safety and health issues.)

A few weeks later they invited other interested folks from their congregations -- as well as from a third church that expressed interest -- to sit down for further discussions. It was at this meeting that a decision was made to undertake a pilot project that involved both churches. Since both churches were strong supporters of WUMCO-HELP, the highly-regarded charity that provides emergency support for those in need in the Western upcounty, they set about cooperating in a "work day" in the Fall to provide badly-needed repairs, painting and improvements to the WUMCO headquarters facitility. They also decided to call their fledgling organization, "Helping Hands - Poolesville." As it turned out two work days were required to complete a long list of tasks, including major carpentry, painting, yard work, plumbing and electrical work. All three churches provided financial support and a total of over 20 volunteers showed up to help.