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                 a Christian organization of neighbors helping neighbors!

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Who we are and how we started: 
We are a handful of Christians who participate in Rebuilding Together  or out-of-state church mission trips and other outreach programs. We needed an organization to bring us together with like-minded people of faith to help others on a coordinated basis -- minor repair and home maintenance for our beloved, aging or poor townspeople right here in the Greater Poolesville Area.  A couple phone calls, emails, and exploratory meetings later,  Helping Hands Poolesville was formed. Today,  HHP is an incorporated 501(c)3 supported by six local churches (Hosanna Worship Center, Poolesville Memorial United Methodist, Poolesville Presbyterian, St. Peter's Episcopal, Our Lady of the Presentation, and Poolesville Baptist) with the  hope of involving other interested churches and people who seek opportunities to do God's work. 

Our Mission Statement:
Helping Hands Poolesville, Inc. is a Christian volunteer organization whose members are called to help those in need, by improving lives, homes, and communities.  We provide our services to individuals, families, and also to organizations which share our commitment to assisting the less fortunate dwelling in the midst of our society of abundance. 
Wumco-HELP, a local organization working hard to prevent hunger and homelessness in our area,  is near and dear to our hearts, and as such, was our first repair project house.

Our goals: 
Project-wise, we would like to reach out to the elderly who can no longer keep up with maintaining their homes on their own -financially and physically- and don't have family around to help them. 
Volunteer-wise, we'd like to have representatives from the surrounding churches on our steering committee, as well as members of our community organized and ready to come to the aid of our  elderly neighbors as needs arise.

Your Invitation: 
We invite everyone to. . . join us in finding elderly and handicapped neighbors who have projects that they just cannot do anymore.
We also invite everyone to. . . join our growing group of volunteers with skills of all ranges.

Please check out our yearly pages (2011, etc.) to see what we've been up to! 

Poolesville Memorial United Methodist Church

Ray Hoewing                                       Ralph Hitchens

St. Peter's Episcopalian Church  Poolesville Baptist Church 

Bernie Mihm                                          Carl Brill
Upcoming Project:
Rebuilding Together -- April 30th, 2016
Click on Rebuilding Together tab above for more information.

                    Matthew 22:39 "Love your neighbor as yourself."

How to contact us:
Below are the current Helping Hands Poolesville, Inc. Board of Directors and Executive Board officers. We invite you to send us an 
email or talk to us about HH-P when you see us at church or around town. 
We wish you peace and a servant heart.
The Helping Hands Poolesville, Inc. Board of Directors

2016 Executive Board
President -- Craig Cummins
Vice President -- Catherine Beliveau
Treasurer -- Bernie Mihm
Secretary -- Carl Brill

Board of Directors
2013-15 : Catherine Beliveau, Craig Cummings
2014-16: Carl Brill, Ralph Hitchens, Chuck Copeland
2015-17: Carolyn McFall, Bernie Mihm, Ray Hoewing

Carolyn McFall -- webmaster.helpinghandspville@gmail.com

Poolesville Presbyterian Church

Catherine Beliveau                            Carolyn McFall

 Our Lady Of the Presentation              Hosanna Worship Center
            Catholic Church                           

Craig Cummins                                     Pastor Chuck Copeland